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The Benefits of Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors were earlier considered to be purely rural attributes of design, but nowadays the situation is quite the opposite. Today, barn door hardware is used in artist's studios and lofts in famous New York neighborhoods such as Tribeca and Soho. In fact, this is only the name that was left from actual barns. Contemporary architects have discovered numerous benefits these doors and hardware for them.

What Is a Barn Door?

The greater number of modern doors swings on hinges, but a barn door rolls open or closed or simply slides. Today, numerous Americans have this type of door in their showers. They are usually made of glass and are extremely durable not requiring much maintenance at the same time. Barn door hardware offered by the modern market can be used on the exterior and interior of the home.

Comparison: Barn Doors and Traditional doors

Today, barn door hardware is very popular due to the reason that it has become available in the contemporary market. In addition, this type of doors is very liked by most of modern decorators and architects who frequently recommend them to their clients. But of course, barn doors are not the only ones that should be present in a house. One or two these doors are quite enough for emphasizing the style of the house.

Usually, barn doors are installed in such private areas as home offices, workshops, studies, and even in the kitchen. But it doesn't mean that this area is seldom visited by people, on the contrary, it can be a frequently used room not only by family members but also by guests.

Even though many people still prefer traditional doors, barn doors offer some benefits. First of all, barn door hardware made of stainless steel can bear more weight than a door hinge. Many sets can support a door of more than 200 pounds! Some people may ask - why do I need such a heavy door? Well in fact, there are several reasons for it. If you're a person who most of all appreciates peace and quietness in his or her own house, then nothing can be better than a thick and thus heavy door. It can be made of wood or glass but in any case, a barn door offers better insulation in comparison with traditional ones. This issue makes barn doors common in home offices.

One more benefit of barn doors is that they can divide one room into two because they are larger than usual doors. Besides, they can easily open and close on tracks. An owner of an apartment can install a barn door to transform one large bedroom into two medium-sized bedrooms making a two-room apartment.

It has to be mentioned that barn doors possess excellent insulation features. They function on solid tracks and do not slam or creak. Most of models have an easy-to-use lock. These doors also require less space than the regular ones. While the latter have large frames even in a closed position, a barn door stands against the wall without taking much precious space in the room.